Vegas Baby!

Big Confucius Statue

Confucius say man with hole in pockets feel cocky all day

Well I want to try some pictures. The last interesting thing I did was go to Las Vegas to see my brother. Here are some pics. Usually I am with people in Vegas. This trip was the first where I could just walk around and go exploring on my own. This involved a lot of gambling and pretty sore feet.
Big fake Junk

Big fake junk in a big fake town.

So that was Bellagio. Here is a pic from one of my runs.
end of the road

I guess this is where the streets have no name?

So I got only a little running in. Mostly the climbing was enough.
V1 boulder

Small easy fun

I banged myself up pretty good wherever we went. All the pictures of me are on my brothers camera though. I’ll have to make him send them to me.

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