Maybe…This might be the one…

After so many misleading and fruitless announcements it looks like George RR Martin is finally putting his latest installment of “A Song of Ice and Fire” out.  I finally get to dance with dragons.  I don’t remember how many times I thought that the book was going to be coming out…but then didn’t.  I guess since A Game of Thrones is going to be on HBO, the powers that be really lit a fire under his ass.  I just hope they didn’t rush him to just churn out some drivel.  I don’t really know what to do about it though.  It’s been so long since I read the last books I don’t even remember any of the characters except for the real big players.  I am not sure if I should try to read the last one or maybe even all of them over again before I pick up the new one…every last one of them are tomes.  It might take me like a month to read the last one…and it wasn’t even that good.  Compared to the rest of the books it really just didn’t have the pace that it should have.

Maybe I’ll do it like I did the gun slinger saga.  Read the first half in one go and then read the second half 6 years later.

Either way, I haven’t been this geeked since I saw Palahniuk’s book signing.  Speaking of which…He’s got a new book coming out too now!  10/18/2011…This book sounds damned SWEET.


Dance With Dragons sucked.

Damned was awesome.

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