Razr 64Gig 6 months after release…

Love the Razr.  It’s great.  I only got the “regular” Razr with 32Gig.  I probably would have gone with the Maxx option if it was available at the time.
I am kind of a power miser.  I don’t leave wireless data, GPS, or wi-fi on, except when I need it and I charge the phone every three days.  When I am done with the radio I turn it off.  If you leave one of those radios on you make it through more than a day (by a hair…with only 4G data on I will make it to like 9am the next day).  If you leave two of those radio’s on you can make it like 4 hours.  If you have everything on (GPS, WiFi, and 4G data) good luck getting 2 hours.
But that’s for me.  I don’t talk on it a lot.  I don’t really text a lot.  I do read on it and listen to music it a lot, though.  I have been making the transition away from my B/W Nook to this thing (reading about 40 minutes to work, another 40 minutes from work reading on the subway, and 40 minutes before bed).
Which gets me to my next point.  Unless I sacrifice a chicken the night before for good luck, I am not going to get a seat on the subway so all my use needs to done one handed.  (one hand to hold the phone, one hand to hold on to the subway rail ceiling, door, wall, or that guy next to me, and no hands to hold coffee::sad face::)  I am kind of a short guy, 5’6″, and my (kind of small) hand juuuust barely fits on the screen.  using the iPhone (and everything else about that size) feels much less strained on my hand…but the iPhone’s kind of heavy.  Anyways, as far as using this as an e-reader, it’s uber-light, it’s screen is really nice, and it’s textured back (friggin Kevlar) looks nice and it’s got a nice griptactile feelingness.
I have one major issue with the phone.  When I use it as an mp3 player the phone is kind of sketchy.  Half of this is that there still are not any good free apps for Android to listen to music.  Without tuning or using an EQ through some ear buds, music is only “good enough.”  With EQ tuning or really nice head phones music is better.  I still kind of miss my iPod and Sony ear plunger combo.  That was great noise.  The other problem is that Motorola didn’t make the 1/8″ head phone jack exactly right.  There are a lot of people out there that complain that phone constantly thinks that the remote button is getting pressed.  That means when you are playing music and walking down the street it’ll stop the music and bug you to: “Please say a command.”  The solution on the internet is to uninstall voice commands or to install an app that blocks the voice commands.  I was able to file down the end of my head phone plug by like 3 hairs.  That seems to do the trick.  From the factory it was like twice a song, with the modification it was like once in a month?  (I don’t really keep track.)  That was still too annoying.  Since I already rooted it, I eventually uninstalled the voice commands functionality since I realized I never used it (…in a fit of frustration).
Otherwise it’s everything you should expect from a smart phone.
GPS fine (my roommate says it’s faster than average)
Pictures took some getting used to how it focuses but it’s fine.
Video’s fine.
Call quality fine
Frisbee mode is fine.
Doesn’t overheat.
I haven’t scratched it or otherwise broken it and I carry it around naked.  Not even a screen protector…which is stupid…but I am paying for the insurance.
That’s it, my 5 month love affair with a hunk of silicone, plastic, metal (real aluminum!), glass, and friggin kevlar.

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