I finally lost a phone. :(

After about 12 years of mobile phone usage, I finally lost my first cell phone.  I guess technically I lose it like every other day…but this time was the first time I lost it outside my house or left it at friends’ houses.

I ended up taking a nap in the park.  When I got up, it probably fell out of my pocket, since it was in my front shirt pocket.  I know that it doesn’t fit in there, I know when I move around it just falls out because of it’s size, and I know I have dropped it from there before.  I still did it.  After I left, I just didn’t think to check for it, which was stupid.  The smart thing is that I took the $7 insurance on it.  Paid the $100 deductible and I am back in action.  Unfortunately, I didn’t install any of the homing in or alarm or remote wipe apps on it.  Ah well live and learn…

This time that was the first thing I did!

I am now proud owner of a brand new [remanufactured] white Razr.  It’s kind of nice having it in white now.  It kind of makes it look fresh in my eyes now.

So was the insurance worth it?  $7 bucks a month, 9 months [and counting], $100 deductible.  $149.  New Razr on eBay or something:  $300.  Yep, I won.  Bonus: now this one is friggin white!

  1. Can I get a Freeze

    You took a nap in the park, quiet the classy hobo move there, D!

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