Manhattan-Henge. It’s a thing.

This past March 29th I caught the sunset between the buildings.  I was at 33rd st and 6th Ave, when I caught it.  It was there and over in a flash.  It was a choice spot because the east-west bound traffic is closed off that one block for pedestrian/bike traffic and there is no building (in NY) in the way.  It was a good day.

It’s kind of amazing to see a star that huge move so fast.

I almost didn’t get any good photos because I didn’t think to change the exposure levels settings until a minute into it.  It captured the sun fine, but I then felt the irrational urge to brighten the street and people.2013-05-29 20.12.04 Manhattan Henge -12013-05-29 20.12.09 Manhattan Henge -2

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