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Geeking out on Presidents Day

So after about a week of beating up my computer it is up with all the downloads and personal bloat ware I like to add to my computer.  Had a heck of a time getting this MKV file-type stream using Windows Media Player 12 to my PS3.  I was going to just re-encode it but that seemed too simple.  I looked high and low.  At first I tried adding Shark007 codec.  (which is a total crack pot website.  Just go to and download from there.)  No dice.  It let WMP 12 play the file, associate the MKV, MKA, and a few other file types but it would STILL not show up.  Eventually after trying a couple more registry patches and TVersity, I gave up and PS3Media Server solved all my problems.

I also got time to try this WordPress installation started. Last night I tried the one click WordPress installation. When I woke up it still wasn’t ready. In the mean time I got impatient and did it “manually.” (WordPress is so slick it’s oil. There is really nothing “manual” about it.) I spent like an hour making sure I followed all the steps double checking everything. First of all, if you are going to move more than 5MB of files don’t use Windows FTP Client (Windows 7 nor XP give me a warm fuzzy feeling anymore). It’s really annoying. Then it kept on giving me 404 errors until I remembered I’m renting a Linux server so it’s case sensitive. Then I had to wait like half an hour for it to set up a blank database file for the manual account. About 10 minutes after I got that one setup I got the email from GoDaddy telling me the one button installation was done. Why the hell does it take GoDaddy 12 hours to set up a database for WordPress?

Hooked up all the email accounts in the world.

Played with and set up all the media editing software I know how to use.

I am finally armed with what I need to play on the internet again.

And my geek quotient has been fully satiated. None of this would have been possible without my friend bacon and cheese.