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Web Resume


So I finally am done with the web resume on the other side of this web site.  Why isn’t there a word for that yet?  I figure there should be.  You know there is blog, blog-o-shpere, and evite.  Why not webume or e-sume?  I guess I will have to keep calling it my online panhandling site.


fractal faces

This is kind of neat.  Apparently there is some PhotoShop plugin to use custom images as fractals.  It works really easily and made my ugly mug infinitely more ugly.  Nifty.

I looked around his site subblue…  Man, I am boring.

Lamp Alarm

So just in case you didn’t know, this weekend was National Over-Engineer a Project Weekend.  I celebrated it by adding a switch to a timer to a lamp to a switch to wake up to in the morning.  I COULD have just bought a timer, bought a light-up alarm clock, another lamp, or even just moved a lamp that I don’t use so often.  No.


Could have bought this:

I wanted to:

  • have one lamp.
  • still be able to use the lamp to read at night.
  • have it go on automatically every weekday morning (it is the 21st century, I shouldn’t have to tell it that it’s Saturday and not to wake me up).

I ended up wiring some relays, extra switches, and lights.  Now, I have a box that will let me turn on the lamp, regardless of whether the timer is on or not; a “Timer Disable” mode switch and a light to tell me when “Timer Disable” mode is off (timer is on); extrapower outlets; and a hidden switch.

This is kind of how it went down.

I started by finding a strip timer in Home Depot on Saturday night.  Then said, “Bah, that’s not enough!” and came up with everything I wanted it to do.  With that I sketched this out.

I ran out and got everything I (thought I) needed and started bolting together some bits and pieces.  That was when I realized that the strip timer had a missing protector cap.  Poo…But was good because it was also time for a parts run.  I had realized that the strip wasn’t fused and that I didn’t want to interact with that alarm timer interface all the time.


Saturday Night Sunday Morning

was on Sunday morning, before I got the rest of the goods.

Inline fuse holder

1 Amp Slow Blow Fuse

While I was out there I got these two things (DPDT Switch and Red Lamp and assembly) so that I could turn this off during vacations.  At first I was just going to get a switch.  Then I figured I needed to over engineer that with an “armed” light.  Well worth it.

After I took off to see Radio Shack and exchanged the defective strip timer, I was able to finish with no major bumps!  (Not even any burns this time!)  I tested it, buttoned it all up, tested it again, cleaned out / organized my tool box, and tada!  It’s done.

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