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How I put my 3rd Generation PS3 back together

Surprisingly few pieces!

So I was having glitchy problems playing COD Black Ops II.  It was getting really bad.  The entire system would freeze and I would have to hard stop it like once a week at least.  That’s really, not good for the PS3 file system.  So I decided it was time to clean that thing out.  I figured it would be easy since has such great tutorials.  Turns out their tutorial for the PS3 is for the first generation PS3.  I have a third generation (still fat) PS3.  It was similar but not the same.  The major difference is how the heat sinks are connected.  Before you could take the motherboard out with the heatsink.  Now you have to pull off the heatsink from the motherboard to take it out.  I needed to get new thermal com
pound anyways.  See the gallery of stuff.


Whether or not it’s a coincidence cleaning out the PS3 made the game a lot better.  I haven’t had the game crash yet!  As an added bonus, I think the box is running a lot quieter now.


So I’ve been diving into Terry Pratchett’s Discworld after reading Good Omens by him and Neil Gaiman.  I’ve read The Color of Magic, Equal Rites, Interesting Times, The Light Fantastic, Mort, Sourcery, and Reaper Man in the past few weeks.  Man what a great world.  Why didn’t someone tell me about these books sooner!

Web Resume


So I finally am done with the web resume on the other side of this web site.  Why isn’t there a word for that yet?  I figure there should be.  You know there is blog, blog-o-shpere, and evite.  Why not webume or e-sume?  I guess I will have to keep calling it my online panhandling site.