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Breaking stuff…


I am not a code breaker…never really considered myself a “H4XX0R.”  More of just a hack…

Anyways I just realized I could crack open a Word document by saving it as an xml and it lets me see all the  gooey bits inside.  Which is sweet.  Basically it is constructed just like a webpage is…except it’s got it own myriad of MS quirks and caveats.

This is a useful little use of software because I was able to then take off the requisite passwords I found in some document I came across.

Then I looked at OpenOffice in and basically it does basically the same thing.  It opens it and doesn’t care about no stinking password!

Web Resume


So I finally am done with the web resume on the other side of this web site.  Why isn’t there a word for that yet?  I figure there should be.  You know there is blog, blog-o-shpere, and evite.  Why not webume or e-sume?  I guess I will have to keep calling it my online panhandling site.