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So I met Sandy…

So I know that karma is a bitch and all.  Now, I have proof.  This is a picture taken on the 29th.  The big tree in front of our house totally took a dive and I was like, “Dude, that was close!”

October 29th

This is the first day of the storm

Then my stupid mouth went and posted on FB, “Don’t believe the hype…”  Then during the night…

The Next Day

Then it hit me.

Sandy was like, “No.  You don’t get away with saying shit like that!”  Now I have something to add to the hype.  Thanks, Sandy.

I finally lost a phone. :(


After about 12 years of mobile phone usage, I finally lost my first cell phone.  I guess technically I lose it like every other day…but this time was the first time I lost it outside my house or left it at friends’ houses.

I ended up taking a nap in the park.  When I got up, it probably fell out of my pocket, since it was in my front shirt pocket.  I know that it doesn’t fit in there, I know when I move around it just falls out because of it’s size, and I know I have dropped it from there before.  I still did it.  After I left, I just didn’t think to check for it, which was stupid.  The smart thing is that I took the $7 insurance on it.  Paid the $100 deductible and I am back in action.  Unfortunately, I didn’t install any of the homing in or alarm or remote wipe apps on it.  Ah well live and learn…

This time that was the first thing I did!

I am now proud owner of a brand new [remanufactured] white Razr.  It’s kind of nice having it in white now.  It kind of makes it look fresh in my eyes now.

So was the insurance worth it?  $7 bucks a month, 9 months [and counting], $100 deductible.  $149.  New Razr on eBay or something:  $300.  Yep, I won.  Bonus: now this one is friggin white!

My new hero

I have a new hero.  It’s this guy.

YouTube of Giant Robot Project (yes there is like 8 hours of video or something.  I think that it goes up to like episode 60 some odd.)

I guess that this guy was some Canadian and some US college wanted him to run track.  Then he came over here and hated the system.  The system meaning the government, the super-faceless-world wide-corporations of the world, the disposable lifestyle of modern society, the “crappy” people (people trying who steal or enslave) and the stupid.  (Well, that really doesn’t seem like a pet peeves list that I find much difficulty in agreeing with but I have to say it includes a majority of the population.)  He really isn’t into this whole disposable society we live in.  He sees all this need to keep buying stuff kind of gratuitous.  He didn’t want to keep feeding into this kind of system.

He saw that as a problem and fixed it…with a big hammer.  He cleared his debt.  Bought 20 some acres of land that nobody wanted because there was no road and no utilities and in Nowhere Vermont.  Finally, a place where he didn’t need to have to go out and keep up with the Jones’ or chain himself to a mortgage.  He owns land.  He builds his own home.  He even builds his own friggin road after a while.  (See Operation Crazy Operation)  All this on his own sweat and tears…and no need to go out and buy crap.

So he is out there and decides he needs to build a giant robot.  Giant Robot Project starts.  (Well I think it really started when he was strong enough to hold a hammer but who’s counting?)

This guy is my hero.  He pretty much uses what he has around him to do what he needs.  However little he has, he can get anything done.  Of course, I am all about that…I just think that buying a new toy generally can fix most problems…Anyways…

So he is living out in the woods off of the grid but definitely not on his own.  He has a kid and his baby’s momma living with him.  The kid is still a baby only about 2 now.  He has been really thinking about all this and realizes it is time to make some real money for his little girl (they don’t give that education stuff away you know…).  So, he will now have to figure out how to provide for her and he realizes he is going to have to go back to the real world and be a working stiff again.

DUN DUH DAH! He just posted a video about a week ago that he has been hinting about for a while… A toy version of his robot design to be sold to the public.

What’s ironic/scary/sad is that one of this guy’s little views about the world was that growing up isn’t that bad, that he can do whatever he wants, life is more than making a bunch of money, and that we don’t need so many material possessions but now he is developing a new disposable material possession.  Behold the Harvi (My name for it).  It’s a small, little, expensive,  disposable toy.  Because, to get the things that he wants (and I don’t blame him) is a little loot to try and to give a good future for his daughter.

It makes me think how much of being an “adult” means having to give up, compromise, and let go of yourself so that you can be a functioning member of society.  This could be kind of a trip down crappy people lane…I hope not.

On the reddit’s post comments upon the release of the new robot were several comments calling this guy dysfunctional.  He is manic and narcissistic?  No, not really.  He is just one of those few “adults” that still want to live by their convictions instead of giving them up for a dollar.

writing is hard.  and I don’t feel like I got my point across.  Oh well.  At least it’s some good practice.