Argh. The NYS DMV.


Well, it’s been too long since I wrote something so here I go.

I am out of Brooklyn.  Instead, I have let myself get sucked back into the good ol’ NJ.  It really is a black hole.  I am now in the actively seeking employment status.  Unfortunately, I have effectively clipped my own wings by letting procrastination get the better of me.  Apparently in New York state, it is a license revokable penalty to have a registered car that is uninsured.  Which, hey I get it, is a bad thing.  The thing is, my car wasn’t on the road.  Sandy ate it.  (See old post)  It is too bad that the bureaucracy (what a crappy word to spell) of the NYS DMV doesn’t just take your word on.  Well, to spare you the gruesome details, for as long as one doesn’t have insurance one has to wait that long before getting one’s license back.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the car.  It doesn’t matter that the car was not on the road.  It doesn’t matter that you were a good citizen.  It doesn’t matter if you can prove it.  What does matter is that you didn’t fill out the proper paperwork and now you are stuck in driving limbo.  I swear, paperwork will be the death of me.


Well, I’m here in NJ now.  I am beginning to remember what it was like to be a teenager again.  It is not a good memory.  This feeling of being trapped without a car is probably what causes most teenage angst in suburbia.  I am walking around now and I have no idea how anyone can think that Bergen County is a good place for anyone to bring up a child.  This “community” just does not believe in sidewalks.  It boggles the mind.  It is probably more conspicuous to me now that I have seen other places to live but this place is really hard on pedestrians.  To be fair there are other places that are this bad too.  Parts of Charleston, SC are completely inaccessible by foot.  So are parts of The Motor City, Detroit.  On the other hand, I feel like all of Las Vegas is a great place to walk around in.  Unsurprisingly, so was Portland, OR, Seattle, or Vancouver BC.  I was putting off getting a bike.  It looks like it’s the best way for me to go at the moment.  C’est la vie.  Stupid la vie.

Perspective Art in the Park

Sidewalk Art

So I went to Washington Square Park today.  Someone had left their sidewalk chalk there so I decided to have some fun with it.  Inspired by some really excellent perspective art I saw online I went and tried some of it myself.  At first I didn’t even know how to make what I wanted…or what I could do without a tripod or long string.  The first thing I tried to was to see if I could make a few holes in the ground.

Perspective hole in the ground

I was trying to make it look like three of the hexagonal tiles were taken away and a bottomless pit was below.

Perspective hole

Here I tried to make the hole 5 tiles big and only a few inches deep. The effect was there.

I was surprised at how well this looked.  This is where I decided to get a little more daring and try to draw something specifically at the viewers perspective.  I drew a few cubes with varying success.  Here is a cube that I made into a die.

Here is the die at just the right angle.

A die in perspective.

Perspective die not in perspective.

What I actually drew as seen from directly above.

This was not too bad for something done with just a piece of paper and a wooden stick I ended up using as a ruler. I also tried to draw a sphere. Generally I am pretty bad at cross hatching. The effect seemed to withstand my abhorrent ability to shade properly.

Perspective Spere

This is supposed to be a sphere. It’s a little lumpy and kind of flat at the bottom.

Perspective sphere on ground

This is what it looks like when you aren’t looking at it right.

So yeah, that was my spontaneous first attempt at sidewalk perspective art.  Next time, I’m going to go out there a little better prepared.  I should have had my laptop and maybe something like paint to sketch the stuff onto a photo to work from.  Also I didn’t really use “perspective” like I learned it in art class.  Some long string would have been helpful.  I need to look at some of the maths involved at getting the distances right.  Also some more different colors would have been nice too.

Manhattan-Henge. It’s a thing.

Manhattan Henge

This past March 29th I caught the sunset between the buildings.  I was at 33rd st and 6th Ave, when I caught it.  It was there and over in a flash.  It was a choice spot because the east-west bound traffic is closed off that one block for pedestrian/bike traffic and there is no building (in NY) in the way.  It was a good day.

It’s kind of amazing to see a star that huge move so fast.

I almost didn’t get any good photos because I didn’t think to change the exposure levels settings until a minute into it.  It captured the sun fine, but I then felt the irrational urge to brighten the street and people.2013-05-29 20.12.04 Manhattan Henge -12013-05-29 20.12.09 Manhattan Henge -2