I would like to focus on technology in the future. Recently, I was the sole IT employee and AutoCAD operator. For work, I have learned serial communications, relay/ladder logic, AutoIt, HTML with CSS, PHP, and I'm working on Python. I learned these to work on industrial control systems, architectural plans, websites, and laboratory automation. Basically, I enjoy keeping up with technology and its novel uses. I am sure that I could be an asset to any group.

Web Experience:

Take a look at some of the webpages that I have done on the Web Work Page.

This site was also done by me using the latest CSS3 elements and features. Unfortunately, the current version of Internet Explorer still does not support all of the latest animation standards. I will add a script to switch to flash for Internet Explorer in the future.

Computer Experience:

In day to day activities I am often using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, PhotoShop, DreamWeaver, Illustrator, FireWorks, and various other software. I use so many programs because of my philosophy of using the most appropriate tool for the particular job at hand.

Often, I have to deal with MS Windows Server 2000 and 2003, domain administration, Active Directory, Window's Domain Startup Scripts, and user setups to trouble shoot, maintenance, and otherwise keep the company running.

I have experience with VisualBasic, HTML5, CSS3, AutoIt, PHP, and Python computer languages. I have used these technologies to provide in-house office automation scripts to increase user efficiency.

Technical Drawing Experience:

My first experience with drafting and technical drawings started sixteen years ago in high school. Since then I have built on those simple paper and pencil drawings into many different directions.

AutoCAD is one of my strengths. I am familiar with the Sheet Set Manager, External Reference Manager, embedded and externally linked tables, and using annotative objects like dimensions, blocks, text, and leaders. In industrial settings I have created electrical diagrams including point to point plans, single line diagrams, electrical schematics, and 3D electrical panel layouts. Currently, I work on floor plans, asbestos removal project designs, and fuel oil storage tank enclosure plans and documentation.

Electrical Experience:

While working for Intelligent Systems Automation, I acquired a multitude of skills. I can troubleshoot control systems, including relay and PLC systems. I am familiar with holding circuits, motor buckets, VFD's, safety circuits, and other control system elements.

Asbestos Regulatory Experience:

In my latest position I provided clients with designs and reports with the locations and quantities of asbestos for their up coming construction projects. My particular role was to place sample locations on floor plans and to highlight the locations of specific asbestos containing materials to the plans. If the project necessitated it, I also provided our clients with workplace safety plans which are a set of plans that show the regulatory agencies that the work will be completed within building safety and fire codes. The creator of these plans must be familiar with the local egress distance rules, fire regulations, asbestos removal regulations, building regulations, and structural engineering to complete.

If you are interested in getting in touch with me go to the contact page or email me at dave@eggbutler.com and feel free to download my resume.